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Disinfection accessories

Model: 消毒用品
Automatic induction disinfection and washing machineIntelligent induction, contact-free disinfectionExclusive detachable water tank for quick filling and preventing leakageLarge capacity plus one disinfectant can be used 2000 timesThere is an anti-theft lock and a switch button to prevent random ope..
Model: 消毒棒
Dr. Clo 99.9% sterilizing stickDr.Clo 99.9% sterilization and disinfection stick (the world's only FDA safety certification for sterilization and disinfectionProduced by Korean medical equipment manufacturersThe world's only safety certification by the US Food and Drug Administration FDAJapan's Inst..
Model: 蘇密博士-紫外線(UV)空氣消毒系統
Dr. Su Mi-Ultraviolet (UV) Air Disinfection System"Rotary" reaction seat with lightweight and streamlined designThe upper and lower three-dimensional fan-shaped circulation radius enables continuous disinfection of the air in a larger areaThe specially selected model has ozone generation function, w..
Model: 消毒液製造機
Hypochlorous acid disinfectant manufacturing machineSimple and fast, 3 minutes to make hypochlorous acid water disinfectantKills Candida albicans, Staphylococcus aureus, poliovirus and fungal spores, etc.Prevent infectious diseases such as cholera and typhoidWash pesticides, disinfect woundsPrevent ..
Model: 智能感應消毒噴霧器
Intelligent induction disinfection sprayerInfrared automatic induction: as long as your hands are placed within 12cm of the top sensor, the disinfection spray will automatically be sprayedThe disinfectant spray or alcohol will be sprayed out in atomization, which can be sprayed evenly on the hands w..
Japan VIRUS SHUT OUT Anti-bacterial Disinfecting Pocket Hanger Effective Use for 30 Days Japan VIRUS SHUT OUT Anti-bacterial Disinfecting Pocket Hanger Effective Use for 30 Days
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Model: 消毒卡
Japan VIRUS SHUT OUT Anti-bacterial Disinfecting Pocket Hanger Effective Use for 30 DaysMain ingredients: Chlorine dioxide (sodium chlorite, natural zeolite)Body size (approximately): W55xH80xD5mmEffectively block viruses, fine suspended particles, pollen, dust and other viruses and bacteriaUses sod..
Model: 酒精搓手液
Turkish EZEL alcohol handrub70% Ethyl Alcohol alcohol sterilizing hand sanitizer (gel)99.99% germicidal effectTwice the disinfection efficiencyTurkey's disinfection and sanitation brand sells well in 40 countries worldwide31-year history of famous disinfection and sanitation brand [Confidence Guaran..
Model: 消毒噴霧機
Wireless blue light nano spray disinfection gunThere must be at home, shop, carLarge and ultra-fine atomization volume, spraying massive disinfection sprayThe effect is dozens of times smaller than the traditional press spray, and the disinfection effect is deeperBlue light + nano fine mist, the ste..
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