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party mask

party mask, 7 color circulation mask, nightclub mask, party mask, cool, personality, flash

Brand: Healthbuynow Model: mask
Colorful glowing masks for bars and nightclubsGypsophila fabricAdaptation temperature: -20 to 70℃Luminous color: red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purpleLuminous mode: single color constant light, soft breathing, dazzling burst flash, colorful rotationControl method: press the button to turn o..
Brand: Healthbuynow Model: Healthbuynow
Mysterious color masks, a box of 30 suitable for monthly use. Each box has different styles, mysterious choices! Especially suitable for ladies who love beauty. You can choose from different styles of shirts when you go to work every day.Unbox the Magic, open your mysterious color box and discover y..
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