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Epidemic prevention cap

The anti-epidemic hat combines the shape of a fisherman's hat and a transparent face mirror at the same time. It looks like a large transparent film. It can completely... Fisherman's hat, anti-droplet cap, protective hat, protective cap, isolation cap, male and female protective fisherman's hat, children's face cap, anti-epidemic cap.

Model: hat
Adult epidemic prevention capFull protectionAnti-droplet, wind and dustBetter protectionPrevent Flyco infectionReduce the risk of infectionBoth men and women wear a rack..
Model: 防護帽
Children's protective fisherman hatAnti-epidemic artifact for children out of the streetKorean fisherman hatReduce the risk of infectionWith transparent maskBlock droplets and dustDrinking wild food. I’m so surprised that I’m drooling.FashionableBlock the sunSuitable for men and women..
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