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There are many epidemic prevention supplies needed by schools, whether it is to provide video lessons or face-to-face courses. Adequate anti-epidemic supplies ensure that school children will not spread a large-scale virus in the school.


The epidemic prevention supplies needed by school teachers include: <h2 class="catelog-h2">transparent masks for language teachers</h2>, <h2 class="catelog-h2">masks for adults for teachers</h2>, <h2 class= "catelog-h2">teacher hand sanitizer</h2>, <h2 class="catelog-h2">teacher temperature gun</h2><br>


Anti-epidemic supplies needed by school children: <h2 class="catelog-h2">Children’s mask</h2>, <h2 class="catelog-h2">Middle school’s mask</h2>, <h2 class="catelog- h2">Children’s mask</h2>, <h2 class="catelog-h2">Children’s mask</h2>, <h2 class="catelog-h2">Children’s eye mask</h2>, <h2 class="catelog -h2">Student mask storage cover</h2>, <h2 class="catelog-h2">Student portable hand sanitizer</h2>, <h2 class="catelog-h2">Children’s epidemic prevention cap<h2 class="catelog-h2"> /h2>, <h2 class="catelog-h2">children’s goggles</h2>, <h2 class="catelog-h2">children’s disinfection wipes</h2>


Spare epidemic prevention supplies for school equipment: <h2 class="catelog-h2">thermometer</h2>, <h2 class="catelog-h2">infrared thermometer</h2>, <h2 class= "catelog-h2">portable thermometer</h2>, <h2 class="catelog-h2">disinfecting hand rub</h2>, <h2 class="catelog-h2">large amount of disinfectant replenisher< /h2>, <h2 class="catelog-h2">Children’s masks and face masks</h2>, <h2 class="catelog-h2">Adult masks and face masks</h2>, <h2 class="catelog-h2 ">Protective clothing</h2>, <h2 class="catelog-h2">anti-epidemic headgear and shoe covers</h2>, <h2 class="catelog-h2">school children’s epidemic-proof package</h2>

Brand: Healthbuynow Model: 分隔板
use:Especially suitable for students, schools and teaching..
HK$12 /塊
Teacher teaching transparent mask Teacher teaching transparent mask
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Brand: Healthbuynow Model: Healthbuynow
Teachers often face that students fail to see the teacher’s oral and facial expressions, especially hearing-impaired students, they need to see the facial expressions and mouth shapes of the conceived shape to learn the content of the classroom.Therefore, transparent masks can be used for a long tim..
HK$88 /套
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