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Shoe covers can be divided into: ordinary shoe covers; cotton shoe covers; nylon shoe covers; disposable non-woven shoe covers...Plastic shoe covers, non-woven material, needle-punched cotton, etc., are composed of directional or random fibers. It is called cloth because of its appearance and certain properties.

Brand: Healthbuynow Model: 頭套
Disposable non-woven strip headgearStraighten 46cm to 51cmThe strip can save space and is convenient to store.Suitable for beauty industry, food industry, medical industry, cleaning industry...
HK$76 /Set
Head covers [a set of 50] Head covers [a set of 50]
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Model: 頭套
Head covers [a set of 50]Disposable headgearDisposable non-woven disposable hatDust and oily smokePrevent hair lossdust-free workshopCentral kitchen chef catering food hygieneBeauty salon work..
HK$38 /Set
Model: 鞋套
Shoe covers [a set of 100 pieces]Adopt one-size design, flexible and flexible, easy to wearUsing non-woven material, not easy to breakProtect indoor floors clean and hygienicSuitable for multiple purposes such as home, exhibition room, clean room, etc.Suitable for all styles of shoesSuitable for T-s..
HK$76 /Set
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