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3M 9502+ KN95

3M 9502+ KN95
3M 9502+ KN95
3M 9502+ KN95
3M 9502+ KN95
3M 9502+ KN95
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Made in Made in Korea
Specification 3M 9502+ KN95 headband/self-priming filter particulate respirator, disposable face mask (mask) without exhalation valve
包裝 10 packages per box, 50 per package / 500 per box
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  • Model: mask
190 samples sold
HK$4,950 /箱

KN95 mask.

  • Head-wearing protective mask, adjustable nose bridge, reduce fog and improve tightness.
  • Foldable single package, easy to carry and light in weight, comfortable to wear.
  • Pass GB2626-2006 KN95 grade
  • Suggested protective use: crushing, grinding, cleaning, packaging and other operations that generate dust.

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