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26 Jan Running Low on New N95s? Reach for These Alternatives
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Expired as well as fresh N95 respirators cleaned with hydrogen peroxide solution retained over 95% of fitted filtration efficiency, a small laboratory study found.N95 respirators in the wrong size had around 90%-95% fitted filtration efficiency, whil..
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A British couple has put safety and the environment first at their wedding by becoming the first to tie the knot wearing plastic-free PPE.Rebecca Hughes and Neil Simms were supposed to get married in April of this year, but COVID-19 restrictions mean..
22 Jan Some hand sanitizers toxic and poisonous, Consumer Council says
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The Consumer Council warned that hundreds of thousands of dollars are being scammed out of people trying to buy face masks and hand rubs online while tests it carried out found six samples of sanitizers in the market contain traces of toxic ingredien..
21 Jan TVB artist's
21 Jan New Blog Post
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COVID-19's impact on the supply of disposable gloves is going to continue, and every business involved in facility cleaning needs to be prepared.Monday, December 21, 2020It’s no secret that the supply of disposable gloves has been heavily impacted by..
18 Jan What about 2021-2022 epidemic prevention weddings?
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The epidemic is severe, and the fourth wave of the epidemic has not been relieved in a short time. What about the wedding in this year? The wedding is now being held, and the number of participants at the banquet has been tightened to 2 people and 20..
15 Jan Breakingviews - Rubber-glove selloff gets out of hand
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HONG KONG (Reuters Breakingviews) - Rubber glove makers have rivalled Zoom Video Communications as a popular pandemic trade. A quadrupling in the shares of Malaysia’s Top Glove, the world’s largest producer, values it at $13 billion. Yet its shares h..
14 Jan Somehow, we still don’t have enough N95 masks
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In an ideal world, there would now be an N95 for anyone who wanted one. Instead, even doctors are having a hard time getting them—10 months after the pandemic began.t the start of the pandemic, there was a sudden realization that hospitals did not ha..
14 Jan What kind of anti-epidemic supplies should be prepared when returning home to celebrate the New Year
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In recent months, during the Spring Festival, many Hong Kong people will return home to visit the Chinese New Year. In the case of flexibility and transportation, the large number of people and the close distance between people can easily harbor the ..
28 Dec Why Use transparent Face mask
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In order to shoot, you can see the appearance of the host, so that the host and the audience can still see the host's facial expressions, the transparent mask is very useful.Transparent masks are not only convenient for appearance, but also can stop ..
18 Dec If someone is diagnosed on an airplane or in a building, how can we prepare enough anti-epidemic equipment to prevent infection at work and at home?
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Knowing that flying, traveling, and even needing to go to some more dangerous places and places that the tax bureau has encountered, adequate protective equipment must be prepared. Especially for some craft companies, or someone on the company buildi..
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