In recent months, during the Spring Festival, many Hong Kong people will return home to visit the Chinese New Year. In the case of flexibility and transportation, the large number of people and the close distance between people can easily harbor the virus and spread. Therefore, when taking any outdoor transportation to return to the country for New Year greetings, you must have sufficient epidemic prevention equipment to ensure safety.

What protective equipment must be equipped to ensure safety?

First: Protective clothing, which can effectively block the spread of bacteria and viruses and contact. However, the protective clothing must be disposable. After taking the vehicle, the protective clothing must be completely removed and cannot be reused. In addition, the protective clothing must wrap all body clothes tightly to ensure that all of your clothes will not be infected by any bacteria or dust.

Second: headgear, hair is one of the ways to contact bacteria. When the hair and scalp are upside down with germs and viruses, they will always rely on the head. It must be carefully cleaned to remove the viruses and scalp. In order to prevent bacteria from being brought home, an effective way is to wear disposable protective headgear. The headgear knows that the material effectively prevents bacteria and dust from attaching to the hair on the head. Wearing a headgear is to make all the hair in the belly to ensure the protective effect.

Third: Foot cover

Footsteps and card books are most susceptible to viruses and dust. The most effective way to prevent bacteria from entering the house is to wear too high. Please destroy all shoe covers except for the shoe covers. To ensure that the virus will not be brought into the house. In addition, we will clean the bottom of the shoes at least. This is the part that is most likely to bring viruses into the house and is the most easily overlooked.

Fourth: Disinfecting hand rub

Because the hand must often touch and catch all the supplies of the vehicle, the handle and so on. Of course, it is best to wear gloves to ensure that the bacteria are blocked on your hands.

If it is not convenient to wear gloves, the public can use disinfectant handrub and wipe their hands frequently to ensure that bacteria will not stick to their hands. Bacteria in the hands do not enter the body directly, but the greatest chance is when we touch the sensory parts of the nose, mouth, and eyes with our hands. Thereby bringing bacteria into the body from these three places. Therefore, the antiseptic handrub is the most effective for sterilization. A small amount of hand sanitizer is rubbed on the hands to effectively kill bacteria and coronavirus.

Fifth: Gloves

Disposable gloves are effective to avoid bringing bacteria from the hands into the eyes, nose, mouth, etc. However, the public must pay attention to the fact that one-time methods must be used to wear gloves, and they must be removed after use. Otherwise, if the gloves touch the eyes, nose, mouth, etc., the virus will enter the body through related channels.

Sixth: high protective mask

The main way for bacteria to directly enter the body is of course through the mouth and nose, so masks are of course necessary for epidemic prevention. But citizens must remember that when choosing masks, they must choose new house masks. To ensure that bacteria, dust, viruses, etc. can be effectively blocked. Of course, a mask is not a 100% way to protect the body. Therefore, if you want to ensure or higher protection masks, you can use 3M's N95 medical masks.

Seventh: Anti-epidemic cap

Since children may not be willing to wear masks, and the coverage of their masks may not be close enough for adults, epidemic prevention caps are the best choice to block droplets and contact with bacteria.

If some babies are born with the same or new-born babies with more epidemic prevention caps, it is the best choice. Most babies resist wearing masks and some more dangerous face masks. Therefore, epidemic prevention makes them feel like a part of clothing and consciousness. resist. At the same time, it has a certain protective effect. But don’t take the epidemic prevention as a 100% comprehensive protection function, because he has not used the structure layer of melt-blown cloth to block bacteria, and the protective barrier equipment has resisted bacteria and blocked fine droplets, so you can choose if you carry it. Only take relevant transportation when there is relatively little traffic to avoid the traffic and avoid the risk of infection.

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If you want to go out and return to your hometown for New Year greetings? Be sure to purchase sufficient protective equipment to be removed safely, including protective clothing, gloves, headgear, foot cover, mask, three-room mask