In 2004, Hong Kong sister runner-up, 39-year-old Zhu Huimin, announced at the beginning of the month that she and 42-year-old cardiology specialist Chen Lianggui applied for a scheduled marriage registration. The wedding was held with the hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui a few days ago, and the romantic wedding of the two was officially exposed.

Affected by the epidemic, the two invited only 20 relatives and friends to witness. "As a matchmaker" Lin Shengbin (Bob) was even buried as the "maternal father" and covered Zhu Huimin with a veil. Later, he personally led her in a white wedding dress into the venue. Both smiled happily, and the whole scene was very teary and touching. She is so grateful that Bob is willing to take up this role this time, because he introduced her husband to her. Zhu Huimin also smiled to him and said: "You have three daughters, and the current sub-families preview a wedding."

At the wedding, the newlyweds also took adequate preventive measures. When signing or exchanging rings, they wore transparent masks throughout the process. Zhu Huimin recalled the most difficult moment of the wedding: "After lifting the veil, Jason gently tinted my forehead. I already felt so sweet."

denceyu: Queenie, who was the runner-up of Hong Kong sister in 2004. The 39-year-old Queenie secretly entered the paper to apply for marriage registration. In the notice of proposed marriage that was exposed yesterday, the fiance was 42-year-old Chen Lianggui. He was reported as a cardiologist. Chen Lianggui is a specialist in cardiology at Sanatorium and Hospital, and the two reported that they live in Stubbs Road, Mid-Levels.

Queenie, who is about to become a wife, expressed her sincere thanks to everyone for their love, care and blessings for her over the years. She and her fiance wish everyone good health and a happy life.

Chen Lianggui is a specialist in cardiology at Sanatorium and Hospital. He performed "Tongbozi" surgery for Lin Shengbin (Bob) in 2018. At that time, Bob posted a photo with Dr. Chen on social networks, and also introduced that Dr. Chen is still single and sisters in need can contact him. Bob replied with a text message: "Haha, I am so happy, I hope he will be sweet and happy."

Zhu Huimin had been dating former EO2 member Eddie Peng (Eddie) for seven years. Eddie announced his successful marriage proposal to Zhu Huimin in 2015. But in the same year, Eddie was exploded during the wedding, and the marriage fell through. The two officially broke up the year before, and Eddie suddenly broke out last year with his girlfriend outside the circle. - denceyu