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03 Mar [Hong Kong-made transparent masks] HKUST develops nano-film transparent masks that are cheaper and better than N95
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The new crown pneumonia is raging around the world, the demand for masks has soared, and all walks of life have also developed more anti-epidemic products. Recently, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) research team has success..
02 Mar 胡杏兒同款透明口罩熱賣現貨
01 Mar The correct way to wear transparent masks Where can I buy transparent masks?
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The correct way to wear transparent masksIf it is used to prevent droplets, it is no problem to choose a transparent mask, but anti-virus, transparent masks are completely useless. Before wearing a transparent mask, clean your hands first, then remov..
25 Feb The emergence of a new type of
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When it comes to masks, I believe many people are no strangers to it, especially after a global health incident broke out this year. It can be said that now basically everyone wears their own masks when they travel. So Masks are now a very important ..
24 Feb How long can 3m masks generally last? Is there an expiration date?
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Speaking of 3m masks, I believe it is the most familiar to everyone, and 3m masks are American brands, and they are well-known in the market. Wearing 3m masks can have a certain effect on preventing the new coronavirus. But here comes the question. D..
22 Feb Three mainstream gloves, Shenpu Technology carefully controls the products for you
Since the epidemic, only the new crown pneumonia has caused severe trauma to people in different countries and regions in the world. Not just health problems, but the terrible effects of a more serious economic recession. Individual businesses and en..
22 Feb Global disposable glove industry market status and development trend analysis in 2020, the market share of nitrile gloves continues to increase
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In terms of sales revenue in 2019, the global personal protective equipment market reached 37.6 billion US dollars . In terms of sales volume, the global disposable glove market has grown steadily from 385.9 billion in 2015 to 529 billion in 2019, wi..
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Hong Kong Disneyland park will reopen tomorrow with mandatory COVID-19 testing for cast members involved in operation once every 14 days and park visit reservations required for guests.Hong Kong Disneyland Resort (HKDL) Managing Director, Michael Mor..
11 Feb Breathable, protective and decomposable, the Swiss team developed a transparent mask expected to come out in 2021
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As the wearing of masks has become a new global standard for epidemic prevention, people are beginning to feel the inconveniences of traditional masks. For this reason, Swiss scientists have proposed a new "transparent mask" design, which has breatha..
09 Feb The technological innovation of masks Lingtuo Technology strongly launches safe and reliable transparent masks
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Masks have become a wearable item that we cannot do without going out during the epidemic, but few people would have thought that such ordinary products can be innovatively upgraded and become more comfortable, safer, and more practical new technolog..
09 Feb Dingqing gloves, PVC gloves, latex gloves, what is the difference between these three gloves?
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 1. Different features  1. Nitrile gloves: Nitrile inspection gloves can be worn on both hands. They are made of 100% nitrile latex and do not contain protein, which effectively avoids protein allergies. The main performance is puncture resistance, o..
09 Feb Subvert the tradition! Swiss research team designed transparent mask
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According to foreign media reports, with the sudden outbreak of the new crown virus, wearing masks has become a daily norm of behavior around the world, but this has also made it more and more difficult for us to listen to other people's voices and u..
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