In order to shoot, you can see the appearance of the host, so that the host and the audience can still see the host's facial expressions, the transparent mask is very useful.

Transparent masks are not only convenient for appearance, but also can stop flying. Now transparent masks are widely used in major media platforms, KOLs, speeches, dancing, and some social groups that need to be external. However, the protective power of transparent masks is always limited and not as effective as masks. Therefore, it is recommended that the transparent mask be used for a short period of time when pointing and shooting to ensure that users will have a certain degree of protection in addition to the ease of use.

Which type of dish is more suitable for transparent masks?

To choose a suitable transparent mask, you must choose a style that can cover your mouth and nose. If you only choose the old-style Café de Coral mask that covers your mouth, you can only block droplets to a limited extent. But if the mouth and nose are covered, not only the mouth can block droplets and be protected, but the nose can also be protected.

In order to increase the effect and aesthetics, the current transparent masks have been introduced in a variety of colors other than transparent. And the style effectively hangs on the ears and will not fall off so easily.

Now the hot-selling transparent mask styles are Japanese transparent masks, but this kind of transparent masks are more expensive because of the more expensive labor. Healthbuynow has now launched an invented mask that is relatively high-quality and can effectively cover the nose and mouth. High protection, especially suitable for media companies to try.

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