The epidemic is severe, and the fourth wave of the epidemic has not been relieved in a short time. What about the wedding in this year? The wedding is now being held, and the number of participants at the banquet has been tightened to 2 people and 20 people.

If you want to hold a wedding in this epidemic, you must prepare adequate protective equipment to avoid an outbreak of an epidemic at the wedding. If you want to host this special wedding, wedding tips and suggestions: 1. The number of banquets and table arrangements must be set for 2 people. 20 people only

1. Newcomers need to ask about the health of the invited person and take their temperature before entering the venue to ensure that the person entering the venue does not have fever or other symptoms.

2. Change the table-to-table toast at the wedding/event site to a total toast on the stage to avoid frothy toasting when talking to each other.

3. Everyone will be reminded to wash their hands frequently at the scene. Each set of free-rinsing hand sanitizers will ensure that guests can disinfect their hands more easily and avoid cross-infection of bacteria or viruses.

4. It is recommended that newcomers/event coordinators ask in advance whether guests have overseas travel history in the past two weeks, and they can directly explain to guests that Pengyuan is prohibited from entering

5. For information about participating guests in advance, please refer to the latest information released by the Epidemic Prevention Center

6. Guests of high-risk individuals should rest at home, and do not participate in weddings or company parties

7. Wedding banquet/event staff (such as entertainers, gift recipients, cake delivery staff, etc.) inquire about their health status. If there is any abnormality, apart from not attending the wedding/event, the newlyweds/events need to be prepared for work.

8. Equipment, microphones, speakers and other equipment are cleaned and disinfected in advance

Are there any epidemic prevention preparations to be prepared?

1. Each table should be prepared with no-rinse cleaning handrub to ensure that guests can simply clean their hands anytime and anywhere to avoid cross-infection of bacteria when touching different public supplies.

2. Sufficient transparent masks can be prepared before the filming or entering the venue, so that guests can easily take pictures when they are excited to participate in the event.

3. Small gifts on the dining table or small gifts for the guests can choose color masks, and more suitable and practical wedding gifts.

4. Every guest needs to take body temperature, so it is necessary to prepare sufficient simple infrared thermometer. You can choose a bracelet-colored infrared thermometer to allow guests to simply measure their temperature with their hands when entering the venue.

Newcomers can also choose a standing body temperature gun, which is convenient for guests to automatically and consciously use infrared to measure temperature when entering the arena. No need to increase manpower.

5. Each table can be equipped with a sterile tissue bag, allowing guests to simply use the sterile tissue bag to wipe their hands after eating.

6. Nano disinfection gun, which is convenient for staff to use disinfection gun to disinfect signature pens, signature books, microphones or some shared wedding decorations.

7. Goggles, face shield. Newcomers can also arrange for staff to wear relatively heavy protective equipment to ensure that there will be no risk of virus spread when cross-infection such as eating.

8. Gloves. This is especially suitable for staff to deliver meals, or arrange guests to different locations, Tai Wai, or need labor to contact different layout supplies. Disposable gloves can prevent the virus from cross infection risk. But remember that you must remove the gloves immediately after using them.

9. Anti-epidemic cap. If there are children or toddlers among the guests, the children concerned will not wear masks to cooperate. It can be prepared for epidemic prevention, firstly for thoughtfulness, secondly as a souvenir for guests, and thirdly for anti-epidemic purposes.

        10. Three anti-masks and color masks. Masks must of course choose BFE 99%, PFE 99%, VFE 99% masks. You can view it here:

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I'd rather take adequate measures to prevent the epidemic than bliss and sorrow. Getting married is a lifetime thing. It is even more important for the friendship between the two families. I would rather spend more time and thoughts on the arrangement of epidemic prevention supplies, and remedy only when things really happen unfortunately. The epidemic will always break out in the show, which will affect the whole family. So it must be handled carefully.

If adequate anti-epidemic measures are taken, coupled with restrictions on the number of people, the risk of infection can be greatly reduced, and newcomers do not need to worry too much. Now that you have decided to hold the wedding this year, you must do more wonderfully and let your happiness continue.

I wish all the newcomers happiness and prepare for safety measures in this anti-epidemic era.