Recently, National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) reported that as the new crown epidemic is sweeping across the United States, there is an increasing shortage of medical protective gloves. Some experts say that there is a global shortage of more than 200 billion pairs of gloves. Relevant data shows that since March 2020, the demand for nitrile gloves in the United States is about three times that before the epidemic, and its supply has been in a state of severe shortage.

With continued strong demand, glove manufacturers have seen explosive growth in their orders. However, due to the extremely high barriers to entry in the disposable glove industry, this has further aggravated the serious shortage of gloves. According to industry analysts, in terms of production expansion, Intech Medical has become the largest manufacturer taking advantage of the global expansion. The company has steadily promoted the construction of the Anhui production base in 2019. After the outbreak, it has successively invested in the construction of a number of high-end medical gloves expansion projects in Anhui, Jiangxi, Hunan and other places. The total production capacity is planned to exceed 100 billion, which is expected to become the world's largest one. Sexual glove manufacturer.

It is understood that the technical difficulty and capital investment in the construction of the disposable glove production line are very huge, and it requires high production factors such as land and energy. These factors make it difficult for outsiders to enter. In terms of technology, disposable glove processing equipment is not standardized, and each company needs to develop, design and construct by itself. According to Inco Medical, the length of the main chain of its nitrile glove production line is over 1.5 kilometers and there are about 3000 control points. It is extremely difficult to make the production line run efficiently, stably and with low energy consumption and ensure product quality. It requires long-term production experience for manufacturers. achieve.

Due to stricter environmental protection requirements, local governments have become more stringent in coal-fired control. Ingram Medical has implemented a cogeneration project when expanding production. On the one hand, it reduces the energy cost of glove production and enhances the company's product competitiveness. On the other hand, the National Development and Reform Commission is extremely strict in reviewing and approving cogeneration projects, and its investment scale is as high as several billion yuan, further expanding the advantages of leading manufacturers.

The epidemic has brought major development opportunities to the development of the disposable glove industry. The Malaysian Glove Industry Association stated that the demand for rubber gloves will increase by 20% in 2020. In 2021 and 2022, the demand for disposable gloves will continue to grow rapidly. , The expected growth rates are 25% and 15% respectively. Even after the epidemic, as global residents' health protection awareness has been structurally improved, and countries are paying more and more attention to the construction of medical emergency capacity systems, they will continue to drive demand for health protection products. According to industry insiders, the disposable glove industry is still in a period of rapid growth. In the long run, the demand for gloves is expected to double to more than 1,000 billion.

Based on the optimistic outlook of the industry, Intech Medical has been making every effort to promote the construction of the glove production line. The company recently stated in Huiyi that it is expected to become the world's largest non-natural rubber glove manufacturer in the first quarter of next year. According to analysts, Intech Medical has the most advanced glove production line in the industry, with the lowest comprehensive production cost in the industry and strong product competitiveness.

In addition, Intech Healthcare also has significant advantages in terms of channels. With the gradual commissioning of glove production in Anhui, Jiangxi and other places, Intech Medical is expected to take advantage of technology, cost and channels to further seize market share and grow into a global leader in disposable gloves.