Masks have become a wearable item that we cannot do without going out during the epidemic, but few people would have thought that such ordinary products can be innovatively upgraded and become more comfortable, safer, and more practical new technology products.

The innovative masks that exploded at CES International Exhibition

  At the CES 2021 exhibition, the high-tech company Lingtuo Technology exhibited a smart fresh air transparent mask full of technological style, which attracted much attention. This transparent mask specifically addresses the shortcomings of traditional masks of "impermeable" and "hidden face". The design and function of this transparent mask have been boldly innovated and greatly upgraded, so that the wearer's breathing is no longer suffocated, and it is comfortable and easy to wear .

 The product manager of Lingtuo Technology said: "Today , the production capacity of masks in China has reached 5.5 billion pieces per day, but there is no comfortable and breathable mask on the market to satisfy those who wear them for a long time. With this new product, I hope to provide you with comfortable transparent masks in daily activities, service industries, schools and other scenes."

  This smart fresh air transparent mask is not only transparent, but also breathable, beautiful and fashionable. Once it was launched, it has received widespread attention. Especially the mask presents a sense of technology, which makes many technology enthusiasts sigh: this is a brain Innovative mask with a big hole.

Not only transparent but also breathable International patent certification

  You must feel that traditional masks are not only boring, they may also cause acne. This is because the inside of the mask is a small environment with high temperature and high humidity, which can easily lead to occlusion of the hair follicle sebaceous ducts, increasing the risk of acne and skin infections.

  This smart fresh air transparent mask launched by Lingtuo Technology is aimed at this shortcoming: an ultra-quiet fan is designed on the left and right sides to allow fresh air to flow in, and exhaled carbon dioxide and moisture to flow out, providing a small and ventilated environment for the wearer. Air can circulate naturally, breathing will be smoother, and skin will be healthier. At the same time, the fan supports three-speed wind adjustment, and users can adjust the gears according to different environments, scenes and habits.

  The design has obtained foreign patent certification, and the fan has functions such as wearing automatic induction boot, fan memory, etc., which is full of humanity and innovation.

Human engineering design lightweight and comfortable wearing experience

  N95 masks or disposable masks do not fit well with different face shapes. If the mask is too loose or too tight, it may invalidate the protection and cause skin damage.

In order to make transparent masks better fit users with different face shapes, Lingtuo Technology has ergonomically designed according to different genders and face shapes. The skin-friendly and soft sealing ring is used for the parts that fit the face. The tight seams are worn with strong adhesion. It will not cause pressing pressure on the face, and it is as comfortable as wearing a lightweight breathing mask, walking outdoors, breathing is no longer suffocated, smiles can be seen, and there are no pressure marks on the face.

N99 grade melt blown cloth UV ultraviolet lamp assisted sterilization

Safe and reliable double guarantee

  Melt blown cloth is the core of mask protection. Melt blown cloth has the effect of electrostatic adsorption, which can adsorb droplet viruses, bacteria, dust, oil fume, PM2.5 and other harmful substances. Among them, the filtering effect of N99 grade melt blown cloth can reach 99%, which is higher than traditional masks.

  On both sides of the smart fresh air transparent mask are five-layer filter elements composed of N99 grade melt blown cloth, which can effectively block viruses and bacteria out when the air enters and exits, and prolong the validity period of electrostatic adsorption.

  At the same time, Lingtuo Technology chooses a UV ultraviolet lamp to assist the sterilization method. Install a UV germicidal lamp next to the melt blown cloth, which can be automatically turned on when the fan is charged to sterilize the melt blown cloth and kill all viruses within 10 minutes. Make protection more secure. The meltblown cloth after UV disinfection can be replaced once every two days, which is much longer than the 5-hour life span of ordinary masks, which is economical, durable and environmentally friendly.

Friendly practicality to meet multi-scenario applications

 In order to meet the needs of different people in different scenarios, Lingtuo Technology has also made great efforts in the detailed design of transparent masks. There is a buzzer reminder to adjust the fan position than the wearer; it supports inductive switching , which automatically turns on and off when putting it on or off, allowing the wearer to enjoy a smart and friendly experience.

  In addition, the super filtering effect and ventilation design of the smart fresh air transparent mask can meet the needs of service practitioners and school students. Wearing this transparent mask, you can breathe smoothly without suffocation, and have a strong sense of comfort. It helps the wearer maintain a good mood and smoothly carry out every day of work or study.