TVB transparent masks are selling hot, and transparent masks have been used in many programs. Although transparent masks are not as effective as normal masks to block bacteria, they can definitely block droplets.

If you only need to use it temporarily, or to avoid short-term droplet transmission, then a transparent mask will be useful.

HBN has launched the latest transparent masks, all ear-mounted styles can effectively cover the nose and mouth.

What other occasion is suitable for using transparent masks?

Use for wedding occasions, emcee speech occasions, brief parties, or need to be on camera, filming, KOL, etc. If you don't want to cover the face, make it easier to use and significantly make the audience feel more intimate? Transparent masks are the best choice. But the transparent masks for catering are a bit different from the transparent masks for speeches. The transparent masks used in catering are the kind that Café de Coral often used before the epidemic. Effectively block droplets.

But now the epidemic is severe, so masks used in the catering industry must only use three defenses. Anti-bacterial, anti-dropping, real estate, anti-bacterial masks.

The design of the transparent mask is inspired by the transpiration process of nature and leaves, taking an efficient and simple route. The exterior is made of silicon, which can be reused and decomposed by itself, reducing the load on the environment. The filtering capacity can last for one month, after which the filter element is replaced, and advanced technology is used to make the mask have the functions of disinfection and ventilation. HBN transparent masks have been verified by experience to ensure that there is no problem in quality, no hair, and can effectively block droplets, wear comfortably, and will not feel obstructing facial expressions. Carbon filtration technology and UV-C active sterilization function.

In order to allow customers to have more brand-new and preferential choices, H PM's transparent mask set is now available. Because the set includes two transparent masks, as well as unbox the magic color masks. Love you, this preferential option is the best option.

Healthbuynow is a modern mask that combines appearance and function. Not only can we protect us from germs, we can also see each other's facial expressions clearly when we communicate with others. At the same time, we can use the face unlock function of the smartphone, which improves the inconvenience of using masks. "Will you collect the world's first transparent mask for your beloved family?"

Healthbuynow has launched a strong wholesale price, that is, check with our salesperson and contact 9484 2018 to know the wholesale discount price.