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3M 3311k55 canister

3M 3311k55 canister
3M 3311k55 canister
3M 3311k55 canister
3M 3311k55 canister
3M 3311k55 canister
Made in 3M Hong Kong
Usage Protect against chances, thinner, dust, mist
Weight 125g
  • Stock: In Stock
  • Model: mask
190 samples sold
HK$41 /個
This product has a minimum quantity of 50個

Organic gas with pre-filter cotton canister

Use with HF-52 or 3000 series (such as 3200) single-tank protective mask to achieve the protective effect

Suitable for filtering organic gases, with dust filter cotton added, which can protect harmful dust, liquid and non-oily particles at the same time

Advanced electrostatic treatment and non-woven filter material make the wearer breathe more comfortable and cooler

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