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Brand: Healthbuynow Model: mask
Adult Japanese flower maskSize 17.5cm*9.5cmThe middle layer is made of 95% meltblown cloth, dustproof and breathable, elastic and soft earbandsThree-tier structureEffective protection against dust, haze, pollen, etc.Super pretty..
HK$45 /盒
Brand: Healthbuynow Model: Healthbuynow
Transparent mask discount set: purchase 9-color transparent mask [two pieces], and get a box of Healthbuynow Unicorn Series masks.Transparent masks can be selected from fully transparent or colored transparent series. Healthbuynow Unicorn Series masks contain different styles, including pure powder ..
HK$88 /套
Brand: Healthbuynow Model: 濕紙巾
Disinfecting wet wipes with aloe essence, quick-drying technology, non-toxic food grade formula.The wet tissue is a spunlace non-woven fabric.The barrel is packed with sealed aluminum film to keep the paper towel moist.This model has different certificates and certifications, which are more secure...
HK$35 /桶
Bloody Mary Red Three-layer Mask
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Brand: Healthbuynow Model: mask
      Bloody Mary Red Three-layer Mask Quantity: 30 pcs/boxBloody Mary Red, non-toxic, non-irritating, healthy and environmentally friendly dyeing30% protectionHigh quality meltblown non-woven inner layerDust, pollen and haze..
HK$66 /盒
Brand: Healthbuynow Model: mask
Camouflage mask (children and adult models)A pack of 10, three-layer designChild: 14.5*9.5cmAdult: 17.5*9.5cmOuter layer: non-woven fabric, middle layer: melt blown fabric, inner layer: non-woven fabricBacteria filtration rate reaches 95%, standard: GB/T32610-2016..
HK$10 /盒
Brand: Healthbuynow Model: mask
Children's white three-dimensional maskSuitable for blocking and filtering dust, droplets, pollen and non-toxic airborne particlesThe 3D air chamber design of the nose is super breathableSoft, comfortable and stretchable elastic earbands, comfortable and painless to wear for a long time4 layers of f..
HK$18 /包
Brand: Healthbuynow Model: mask
Colorful glowing masks for bars and nightclubsGypsophila fabricAdaptation temperature: -20 to 70℃Luminous color: red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purpleLuminous mode: single color constant light, soft breathing, dazzling burst flash, colorful rotationControl method: press the button to turn o..
HK$56 /個
Brand: Healthbuynow Model: 頭套
Disposable non-woven strip headgearStraighten 46cm to 51cmThe strip can save space and is convenient to store.Suitable for beauty industry, food industry, medical industry, cleaning industry...
HK$76 /套
Brand: Healthbuynow Model: 消毒用品
Wireless blue light nano spray disinfection gunThere must be at home, shop, carLarge and ultra-fine atomization volume, spraying massive disinfection sprayThe effect is dozens of times smaller than the traditional press spray, and the disinfection effect is deeperBlue light + nano fine mist, the ste..
HK$270 /支
Brand: Healthbuynow Model: 急救箱
Silver single buckle box, strong and convenientThere is a set of first aid supplies*You can put different supplies into the box by yourself..
Brand: Healthbuynow Model: 急救箱
Silver double buckle box, strong and convenientThere is a set of first aid supplies*You can put different supplies into the box by yourself..
Brand: Healthbuynow Model: 防疫套裝
Package Included:1. 4 3M medical masks 3m9205+ 4 disposable sleeved protective clothing / 40gg 10 disposable head cov..
HK$598 /套
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