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3m 14460 (20 in a box)

3m 14460 (20 in a box)
3m 14460 (20 in a box)
3m 14460 (20 in a box)
3m 14460 (20 in a box)
3m 14460 (20 in a box)
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MaterialGreen 5.0 infrared protective lens, DX anti-fog and anti-scratch coating
SpecificationComply with Canadian CSA Z94.3 standard
數量20 in a box
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  • Model: goggles
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Welding goggles (anti-fog and anti-scratch)

Comply with Canadian CSA Z94.3 standard, with large impact-proof coverage

Green 5.0 infrared protective lens, suitable for welding, such as arc welding and gas welding

Ventilated frame design, comfortable to wear

The length and angle of the temples are adjustable, suitable for most people

DX anti-fog and anti-scratch coating

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