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Temperature measuring instrument

The thermometer is a kind of thermometer. It uses the principle of infrared transmission to sense the surface temperature of the object, which is more convenient to operate, especially the measurement of high-temperature objects. Wide range of applications, such as steel casting, furnace temperature, machine parts, glass, room temperature, body temperature and other surface temperature measurement. The infrared thermometer is more commonly used.

The infrared thermometer is composed of optical system, photodetector, signal amplifier, signal processing, display output and other parts. The optical system condenses the infrared radiation energy of the target in its field of view, and the size of the field of view is determined by the optical parts and positions of the thermometer. The infrared energy is focused on the photodetector and converted into corresponding electrical signals. The signal passes through the amplifier and signal processing circuit, and is converted into the temperature value of the measured target after being corrected according to the internal algorithm of the instrument and the target emissivity.

Model: 測溫儀
Infrared thermometerFully automaticInfrared ThermometerHigh temperature alarmHigh accuracy (+-.0.2)0.1s fast temperature measurementUSB chargingApplicable to schools, restaurants, shopping malls, etc...
HK$350 /套
Model: 體溫計
Non-contact infrared thermometerNon-contact temperature measurementMeasure within 3 secondsCan measure body temperature, object and ambient temperatureOne-key measurement, easy to operate..
HK$150 /支
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