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Transparent mask discount set. Transparent mask discount suits. Buying a transparent mask is more favorable and the price is great. It is suitable for retail and wholesale. Especially suitable for customers who buy transparent masks within 5 to 10 months.
Transparent mask discount kits include:

transparent mouth and nose mask set


Imitated Japanese TVB transparent mask set

, < h2 class="catelog-h2">. Because the suit is mainly more valuable than buying transparent masks independently. For each box of transparent masks, just add $2 to get a box of randomly distributed masks.
This offer is a short-term offer, while stocks last. If you need to buy, customers immediately snap up the transparent mask set!

Children's transparent mask set [produced by HEALTHBUYNOW brand] Children's transparent mask set [produced by HEALTHBUYNOW brand]
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Brand: Healthbuynow Model: mask
Fully transparent mask:✓ Suitable for children aged 2-7✓ There are supporting parts on both sides, which is comfortable to wear. There is ample space for the child wearing it to breathe easily.✓ The fog quickly clears, showing clear facial expressions✓ Especially suitable for graduation photos/stude..
HK$98 /套
Brand: Healthbuynow Model: Healthbuynow
Transparent mask discount set: purchase 9-color transparent mask [two pieces], and get a box of Healthbuynow Unicorn Series masks.Transparent masks can be selected from fully transparent or colored transparent series. Healthbuynow Unicorn Series masks contain different styles, including pure powder ..
HK$88 /套
Brand: Healthbuynow Model: mask
Mouth and nose protective transparent masks are used to prevent droplets from splashing. Mouth and nose protective transparent masks allow the other party to see your appearance clearly without being covered by ordinary masks. Effectively block droplets and partially cover the position of the sucked..
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