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Brand: 3M Model: goggles
The length of the temples can be adjusted, with the design of side guard lenses on both sides, providing eye protectionThe frame design makes the glasses more veneer..
HK$720 /盒
Brand: 3M Model: goggles
Lightweight design weighs less than 1 oz of comfortSurround design provides eye protection and unobstructed visionUnisex styling suits various facial contoursPolycarbonate lens absorbs 99.99% of ultraviolet raysAnti-fog coating designRecommended industry construction, food and beverage, pharmaceutic..
HK$760 /盒
Brand: 3M Model: goggles
AO Safety OX protective glasses (gray lenses/anti-fog)Comply with Canadian CSA Z94.3 standard, with large impact-resistant coverageCan be worn alone or with orthopedic glassesThe length of the mirror feet can be adjusted, and a neck rope hook is providedDX anti-fog and anti-scratch coating..
HK$1,050 /盒
Brand: 3M Model: goggles
Can be used outside the original glassesThere are sports, standard and adjustable temples to choose fromPass CNS 7177, ANSI Z87.1, CSA, EN and CA standardsColorless lenses provide full field of view, covering most eyeglass sizesProvide excellent side protectionLens anti-fog and wear-resistant treatm..
HK$1,000 /盒
Brand: 3M Model: goggles
The sturdy and durable OX protective glasses provide high-impact protection and flexible adjustable frames.Its lightweight frame and anti-fog features provide clear vision...
HK$3,300 /盒
Brand: 3M Model: goggles
Welding goggles (anti-fog and anti-scratch)Comply with Canadian CSA Z94.3 standard, with large impact-proof coverageGreen 5.0 infrared protective lens, suitable for welding, such as arc welding and gas weldingVentilated frame design, comfortable to wearThe length and angle of the temples are adjusta..
HK$3,000 /盒
Brand: 3M Model: goggles
Economical choice of protective glasses.Can be worn alone or with glasses...
HK$360 /盒
Brand: 3M Model: goggles
Has impact resistance and splash resistanceEconomical goggles, can cover most glassesPass CNS 7177, ANSI Z87.1 standards.Lens anti-fog treatment...
HK$270 /盒
Brand: 3M Model: goggles
Soft frame, no ventilation hole designTransparent impact resistant lens PC film, anti-fog, anti-scratch coatingLow nose contour design, more in line with oriental facesThere are mirror foot grooves inside the frame, which can be used with personal myopia glassesNeoprene elastic headband with headban..
HK$975 /盒
Brand: 3M Model: 手套
High quality and tough, not easy to breakClose to hand shape, easy to hold objectsSuitable for both left and right handsMade of 100% natural latexSuitable for food processing or general household cleaning purposes, convenient and hygienic..
HK$58 /包
Brand: 3M Model: 保護衣
Made of non-microporous PE laminate material, can be 4, 5 and 6 types of protectionAnti-static treatment can help reduce static buildupKnitted cuffs provide soft wrist closure for added comfortThe seam design on the suit provides extra strength and protection..
HK$102 /件
Brand: 3M Model: goggles
The GoggleGear™ 2890 Series Safety goggles feature a modern design, Scotchgard™ Anti-fog lens coating, and are available either as non-vented or with indirect ventilation. They are suitable for a number of different applications where a comfortable goggle is required.The GoggleGear™ 2890 Series safe..
HK$1,275 /盒
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