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Transparent mask [Buy separately]

Transparent mask [Buy separately]
Buying transparent masks independently is a commodity, especially suitable for wholesale use by merchants. The company has masks in stock, and the supply is sufficient, especially for the use of picking up the goods with the merchants. If the merchant has the goods to be delivered in a hurry, I would like to order anti-epidemic supplies, especially transparent mask supplies, through Healthbuynow for a long time. Our company will give the merchants the most favorable price.
Merchants and Healthbuynow order the benefits of transparent masks: 【1】

transparent masks in stock

(buy straight and only pick up the goods, your business does not require group goods. ), [2]

Transparent mask wholesale

(the best seller plus the pick-up price), [3]< h2 class="catelog-h2">Transparent mask quality assurance

All-round transparent mask-available in multiple colors (minimum batch of 5) All-round transparent mask-available in multiple colors (minimum batch of 5)
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Model: 透明口罩
transparent maskNew debut, nine-color transparent fashion maskEarhook type comfortableFull HD transparent maskSimple to use, not easy to wearFashion nine colorsSky blue / blue / dark blue / gray / orange / purple / rose pink / tender red / pinkCan be used for shooting/performance/performance/dancing..
Model: mask
✓ Suitable for children aged 2-7✓ There are supporting parts on both sides, which is comfortable to wear. There is ample space for the child wearing it to breathe easily.✓ The fog quickly clears, showing clear facial expressions✓ Especially suitable for graduation photos/student photography/children..
Model: mask
Mouth and nose protective transparent mask [a set of 10]Lightweight, comfortable, highly transparent, three-dimensional protection, anti-fogging, blocking dropletsRecyclable, beautiful appearanceHave a chin rest, increase the distance between the face and the mask, breathe smoothly, not sultrySmooth..
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