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Model: goggles
The goggles adopt a transparent goggles anti-fog design, which can be used for driving motorcycles, skiing, outdoor riding, wind protection, epidemic prevention, tactical glasses.Suitable for adults...
HK$35 /副
Brand: Healthbuynow Model: 保護衣
Flying suit [adult version] size:Size M plane size: plane dress length 67cm, bust 54cm, sleeve length 59cm, recommended height 165cm.L size plane size: plane dress length 75cm, bust 62cm, sleeve length 65cm, recommended height 175cmFlying suit [Children's Edition]Provides full-face protection for th..
HK$95 /件
Brand: Healthbuynow Model: Healthbuynow
Good barrier properties, blocking the outside sun, filtering volatile gases, avoiding direct contact, and having a great filtering effect on non-oily particles50% PP, 50% PE, toughness, breathability and moisture permeability, high elasticity, tear resistanceAdopt rubber strip to heat and seal, prot..
HK$45 /件
Model: 酒精濕巾
75% alcohol disinfected wet wipesDisposable alcohol disinfection wipesAlcohol wipes individually packagedPortable alcohol wipes75% alcohol wipes disinfection and sterilizationExternal use to clean woundsWipe your hands before eating outClean and sterilize..
HK$35 /套
Model: faceshield
Adult anti-epidemic mask [a set of 10]Adult anti-droplet elastic maskEffectively block bacteria and dropletsEssential protection artifact when going outProtect yourself protect your familyWith elastic headband, easy to wearCan be used repeatedly after washing..
HK$70 /套
Model: faceshield
Children's anti-epidemic mask [a set of 10]Effectively waterproof flying dust particles, etc.Can be used repeatedly after washingWith elastic headband, suitable for children aged 0-12With inspection certificate, in line with CE standardsAnti-flying, avoid getting into the faceHigh transparency film,..
HK$70 /套
Brand: Healthbuynow Model: 保護衣
Flying suit [children's version] size:S size plane size: Length 44cm, chest circumference 37cm, sleeve length 42cm, shoulder width 34cm.M size plane size: Length 53cm, chest circumference 43cm, sleeve length 50cm, shoulder width 40cm.Flying suit [Children's Edition]Provides full-face protection for ..
HK$85 /件
Model: 消毒用品
Not sticky and not greasy, refreshing and comfortableConvenient and fast, feel fresh and dry after use, can be used frequentlyNo water is needed, only the size of a thumb nail is needed, rub your hands together, and air dry within 15 secondsSuitable for homes, offices, vehicles, hospitals, schools, ..
HK$15 /支
Model: mask
3M 8210 N95 [8 boxes per carton]Adjustable nose bridge to reduce mist generation and improve facial fitComfortable to wearUsing unique electrostatic filter materialNIOSH N95 level..
HK$3,840 /箱
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