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Wanbaode adult masks (30 packs)

Wanbaode adult masks (30 packs)
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Wanbaode adult masks (30 packs)
SizeMask size: 175mm x 95mm +-3mm
SpecificationBacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) up to 99%, particulate filtration efficiency (PFE) up to 99%, and virus filtration efficiency (VFE) up to 99%
VerificationMask certification: ASTM Level 2, certification body: Nelson Labs, synthetic blood penetration resistance: 120mmHG, fire test: passed
包裝Mask packaging: 30 pcs/box, 10 pcs/pack
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  • Model: mask
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Wanbaode adult masks (30 packs)

  • Mask size: 175mm x 95mm
  • Mask packaging: 30 pcs 1 box (10 pcs 1 pack)
  • Mask certification: ASTM Level 2
  • Mask color: sky blue
  • Certification Agency: Nelson Labs
  • Bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) up to 99%
  • Particulate filtration efficiency (PFE) up to 99%
  • Virus filtration efficiency (VFE) reaches 99%
  • Synthetic blood penetration resistance: 120mmHG
  • Fire test: Pass

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