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3M Mask

3M is both the company's name and a registered trademark. The full name of 3M is Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company. 3M is a global diversified technology company. The anti-particulate mask products sold by 3M in China originate from different places of origin. In addition to obtaining the certification required for the place of origin, they have all obtained the China Labor Safety (LA) certification. "3M masks" refer to all products produced by 3M that can be called masks: such as thermal masks, anti-particulate masks (dust masks), medical protective masks, and medical surgical masks.

Types of masks include:

3M mask category:

1) Organic vapor odor and particulate protective mask, 8247, 9041, 9042

Contains special activated carbon layer to remove the odor of organic vapor

2) Particulate protective mask for welding, 8511, 8515,

Special filter cotton with flame retardant outer layer, suitable for particle protection in welding environment

3) Protective mask for acid gas odor and particulate matter 8246

With special activated carbon layer to remove acid gas odor

4) Particulate protective mask, 1860, 8210, N95,

Brand: 3M Model: mask
3M 3200 single hole type (medium size) (10 boxes minimum batch)3M genuine factory 3200 half-face gas mask, with two types of dust and gasThe dust-proof group is dedicated for high dust environment, preventing PM2.5 and dust particlesThe anti-virus group is suitable for preventing organic vapors and ..
Brand: 3M Model: mask
Organic gas with pre-filter cotton canisterUse with HF-52 or 3000 series (such as 3200) single-tank protective mask to achieve the protective effectSuitable for filtering organic gases, with dust filter cotton added, which can protect harmful dust, liquid and non-oily particles at the same timeAdvan..
Brand: 3M Model: mask
• Conforms to Australia/New Zealand P2 and South Korea KMOL 1st Class standard, and can pass the dust/fog to 94%        • With activated carbon, it can filter a small amount of organic gas        • Suitable for construction, decoration, quarrying, printing, au..
Model: mask
3M 8210 N95 [8 boxes per carton]Adjustable nose bridge to reduce mist generation and improve facial fitComfortable to wearUsing unique electrostatic filter materialNIOSH N95 level..
Brand: 3M Model: mask
Comfortable to wearActivated carbon adsorption layer can adsorb abominable organic vaporAdjustable nose bridge to improve the tightness of the faceNIOSH R95 gradeR95 disposable dust mask with activated carbon..
Brand: 3M Model: mask
Products sourced from 3M Hong Kong        • Patented rectangular exhalation valve, which reduces the resistance of exhalation air and improves stuffiness        • M-shaped nose bridge, easier to adjust and wear        • Woven headband has g..
Brand: 3M Model: mask
Activated carbon adsorption layer can adsorb abominable organic vaporP95 disposable maskBlock oily and non-oily particlesThe mask is equipped with an activated carbon layer that can filter trace organic gases, and the activated carbon adsorption layer can absorb disgusting organic vapors..
Brand: 3M Model: mask
NIOSH approved for at least 95 percent filtration efficiency against certain non-oil based particlesDesigned to direct exhaled air away from the nose panel, helping reduce eyewear foggingCurved low profile design conforms well to nose and eye contours, allowing more room for eyewearIndividual packag..
Brand: 3M Model: mask
3M 9502 KN95 headband type [10 boxes per carton]Adjustable nose clip: adjust the fit between the protective mask and the face to ensure a good fit·Comfortable nose pad: to ensure a good fit and improve wearing comfortSoft inner lining: smooth contact surface with face, improving wearing comfort·Elec..
Brand: 3M Model: mask
KN95 mask.Head-wearing protective mask, adjustable nose bridge, reduce fog and improve tightness.Foldable single package, easy to carry and light in weight, comfortable to wear.Pass GB2626-2006 KN95 gradeSuggested protective use: crushing, grinding, cleaning, packaging and other operations that gene..
Brand: 3M Model: mask
3M surgical mask 18603M Surgical Mask 1860 (10 boxes minimum batch) NIOSH approved: N95 FDA approved for use as surgical mask Help prevent certain airborne biological particles Fluid resistant and disposableFeatures include:N95 approved by NIOSHComplies with CDC Guidelines for Exposur..
Brand: 3M Model: mask
3m-8210v-kn953M 8210V N95 particulate protective mask with valve adopts cold flow breathing valve for smoother breathingThe design of the aluminum strip fits each different nose shape to achieve a sealElastic cord, strong flexibility, long-lasting elasticity, suitable for different face shapes, so t..
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