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Brand: 3M Model: goggles
Welding goggles (anti-fog and anti-scratch)Comply with Canadian CSA Z94.3 standard, with large impact-proof coverageGreen 5.0 infrared protective lens, suitable for welding, such as arc welding and gas weldingVentilated frame design, comfortable to wearThe length and angle of the temples are adjusta..
HK$3,000 /盒
Brand: 3M Model: goggles
Comfortable function Adjustable lens angle, forehead and nose bridge, colored temples, suitable for most glasses, lens angle adjustment, polycarbonate fiber, soft nose bridge.Suitable for: automotive, aviation, chemical treatment, chemistry, chisel, construction, demolition, drilling, facility maint..
HK$1,320 /盒
Model: mask
3M 8210 N95 [8 boxes per carton]Adjustable nose bridge to reduce mist generation and improve facial fitComfortable to wearUsing unique electrostatic filter materialNIOSH N95 level..
HK$3,840 /箱
Brand: 3M Model: mask
3m-8210v-kn953M 8210V N95 particulate protective mask with valve adopts cold flow breathing valve for smoother breathingThe design of the aluminum strip fits each different nose shape to achieve a sealElastic cord, strong flexibility, long-lasting elasticity, suitable for different face shapes, so t..
HK$1,820 /箱
Brand: 3M Model: mask
3M 3200 single hole type (medium size) (10 pes minimum batch)3M genuine factory 3200 half-face gas mask, with two types of dust and gasThe dust-proof group is dedicated for high dust environment, preventing PM2.5 and dust particlesThe anti-virus group is suitable for preventing organic vapors and ef..
HK$75 /個
Brand: 3M Model: mask
Organic gas with pre-filter cotton canisterUse with HF-52 or 3000 series (such as 3200) single-tank protective mask to achieve the protective effectSuitable for filtering organic gases, with dust filter cotton added, which can protect harmful dust, liquid and non-oily particles at the same timeAdvan..
HK$41 /個
Brand: 3M Model: mask
• Conforms to Australia/New Zealand P2 and South Korea KMOL 1st Class standard, and can pass the dust/fog to 94%        • With activated carbon, it can filter a small amount of organic gas        • Suitable for construction, decoration, quarrying, printing, au..
HK$13 /個
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