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Adult mask

Adult mask

A face mask is a protective device to protect a person's face. Some masks also have breathing apparatus. The masks used in different applications may be quite different

Mask refers to a shielding tool that prevents arc spatter, arc light and radiation light from butt welding and neck damage during welding. It has two types: handheld and helmet. The window for observing the weld pool is equipped with goggles. The brightness and color number of the eye protection lens can be selected according to the welding current used. Generally, it should not be too bright. It is better to be able to clearly distinguish the molten iron and slag in the molten pool.

Since the epidemic, there has been a kind of protective mask, full-frame dust and droplet goggles, cartoon masks for children, and high-quality masks for adults.

Model: faceshield
Adult anti-epidemic mask [a set of 10]Adult anti-droplet elastic maskEffectively block bacteria and dropletsEssential protection artifact when going outProtect yourself protect your familyWith elastic headband, easy to wearCan be used repeatedly after washing..
HK$70 /套
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