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Media photography

Media photography
Film crews, including frontline actors, logistic filming photographers, and filming venue photographers, need to wear adequate anti-epidemic supplies for safety.
Healthbuynow launched shooting and media franchise for epidemic prevention media, which have been set up according to different shooting occasions. Special anti-epidemic supplies for indoor shooting venues tightly closed

Studio disinfection gun


Nano silver portable disinfection spray



(Actors and staff must take their temperature before entering the shooting venue),

Sanitizing hand rub


Special disinfection spray for microphones and shooting


Anti-dropping file version


Large disinfection door

Outside shooting anti-epidemic supplies

Self-made disinfection gun

(economical, can quickly disinfect shooting environment and equipment in the form of spray gun),

Latex or Nitrile gloves

(used to handle shared shooting tools),

transparent mask

(used by actors when shooting),

Body temperature gun


Infrared portable thermometer

For actors

Mouth and nose transparent mask


Café de Coral transparent mask


Disinfection and hand rubbing epidemic

Model: Healthbuynow
Transparent mask discount set: purchase 9-color transparent mask [two pieces], and get a box of Healthbuynow Unicorn Series masks.Transparent masks can be selected from fully transparent or colored transparent series. Healthbuynow Unicorn Series masks contain different styles, including pure powder ..
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